Strengthening Evaluation Policy, Culture, & Practice

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Since even before its inception, the MES has sought institutional support both in Malaysia and internationally.  Such institutional support is crucial for the development and upscaling of MES activities.  Before its formal registration in 1999, the MES worked closely with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia and sister evaluation associations in the region and internationally.


The government is fully supportive of evaluation and strongly supportive of all evaluation activities for and within the public sector. The government is actively seeking to further strengthen and sustain the evaluation policies, culture, and practice among its agencies. One of the objectives to internalise evaluation within all organizations as an internal performance management value.  Strengthening evaluation towards supporting evidence-based decision-making and further improving policies and programs across government is the longer-term outcome are key considerations in the ongoing efforts within government.  The current ongoing initiative since 2009 to introduce and implement the Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) system across whole of government shows the seriousness of the Malaysian government towards this end.

The MES is proud to be an active development partner with government, working closely with the Ministry of Finance towards this end.  Its key members have been policy and technical advisers to the Ministry of Finance since 2009 in guiding the adoption and implementation of the IRBM system across government commencing with the adoption of the Integrated Development Planning for the 10th Malaysia Plan and since 2010 for the Integrated Results Based Budgeting, Integrated M&E, and Results-Based Decision-Support System components of the IRBM system with the Ministry of Finance.


The MES will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Finance and active tripartite partnership with key research institutions in evaluation, such as the Center for Development and Research in Evaluation (CeDRE) International and local universities.

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